CJP Chemicals supports Impact Hub

CJP Chemicals supports South African entrepreneurs

Investing in the Impact Hub promotes sustainable enterprise development

JOHANNESBURG – Armed with the belief that supporting people who support entrepreneurs is the way to go, CJP Chemicals forged a link with the innovative Impact Hub Johannesburg in back in 2014.

Since then, they have continued to partner with this global group, which believes in helping to grow South Africa’s economy through international interaction and start-up support.

“We initially got involved with the hub because we like what they do and what they stand for in terms of sustainable economic development,” said Eamon (Ted) Whyte, financial director of CJP Chemicals.

“We continue to do so as we believe that this approach will indirectly benefit industry as a whole.”

Impact Hub Johannesburg forms part of the world’s largest network of inspiring workplaces, vibrant learning communities and entrepreneurial programmes, from start-up to investment ready and beyond.

The hub offers a four-month incubator Launchpad, a start-up social venture designed to support participants from the ideas phase to proving the concept, prototyping the idea, developing viable business models, acquiring financial literacy and finally launching the venture.

It involves intensive learning modules, self-work and mentorship. Participants get access to co-working space and support services to help increase the chances of success.

Impact Hub Johannesburg offers a unique and versatile space in the heart of Rosebank with a range of hot desking, coworking, meeting rooms, workshop rooms, and an open-plan stadium seating event space – The Sky Parlour.

They also arrange almost any type of conference, hackathon or event, and facilitate and develop special programming tailored to each client’s desired outcomes.

But the hub also believes that it is not all work and no play.

“Every week we host a community event. While the emphasis is on creating entrepreneurs, we are also a catalyst for creating a coworking experience where we create trust between our members,” said CEO Thandi Dyani.

“It enhances more collaborations and adds resources to each start-up or entrepreneur. There is also the FUN global initiative where entrepreneurs share their experiences of the often-tough entrepreneurship life.

“FUN embraces failure as part of any journey and gives others the inspiration and learning: To succeed, you must fail too!”

As part of Bud Chemicals and Minerals, CJP Chemical’s partnership with Impact Hub Johannesburg aligns perfectly with the group’s three-pronged corporate social responsibility strategy, which focuses on people, communities and the environment.

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