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CJP Chemicals carry a comprehensive range of Afton products suitable for the manufacture of finished lubricants.

We work closely with Afton Technical Services to ensure we are up to date with advances in technology, and with the products that Afton develop to meet these requirements.

Afton have wide product offerings in the following categories, some of which have been developed with African conditions in mind:

  • Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Oil, including railroad applications
  • Passenger Car Motor Oil (Petrol engines) – also two-stroke and motorcycle applications
  • Including automotive gear/diff, ATF, CVT, DCT
  • Including hydraulics, gears, slideway, compressors, turbines
  • Including STOU and UTTO
  • Construction and Mining applications
  • Including tackiness, solubility, Viscosity modifiers, detergent/TBN, PPD, anti-foam, anti-wear
We can assist you with products not on this list as well, please get in touch with us.